Salsa Cycles Projects

I Ride for Her

Graphic reads I Ride For Her over dramatic photo of man riding he bike on Kansas gravel roads

Salsa sent me down to the Dirty Kanza 200 in Emporia, Kansas to attempt to capture the emotions of the finish line. Honestly, I was skeptical. I think I underestimated how grueling the course would be, what the middle of nowhere looks like, and what finishing a day of riding like this can mean to someone. We got to do a special thing by having sponsored rider Ben Weaver, who was there on his bike that day in Kansas, write and record an original composition for the piece. I had the pleasure of working closely with him through the songwriting stages, and even got create a little teaser for the video before it’s release→.

I have to admire Salsa for breaking the rules and putting out shareable internet-only content that falls over 2 min long. In the end, this was met with overwhelmingly positive response not just from those who know what it’s like to accomplish a finish like this, but by those who were inspired by it.

Skills: Direct / Edit / Film / Animate

Ben Weaver: Surrounding Water

Ben Weaver riders through the fog of lake superior on his bike

Ah, my buddy Ben. A hell of a poet and a hell of a rider. This was one of those “shoot it and see what happens” scenarios, and then turned into a “wow that turned out better than expected” situation. Also his bike weighed like 100lbs. Insane.

Skills: Direct / Film / Edit

Chicken Bone Bucksaw

Sun rising between the trees in Prescott, AZ

I’ve never seen someone destroy mountain bike trails like this. Nor have I had so much fun shooting morning light. Lots of other stuff going on in this trip to Arizona, so it was good to go out and grab some stoke.

Skills: Film / Edit

Vaya Ti: Any Road

Studio shot of Salsa's Vaya Ti

A great example of content marketing on a budget. The marketing manager came to the creative team with a budget and a goal, and the rest was up to us. Honestly, this stuff is sometimes more rewarding that big budget projects.

Skills: Concept / Direct / Film / Edit / Animate