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Maryan Mursal Mini-Documentary

Maryan Mursal sings at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis

Can’t really show this one to you quite yet, but it’s a banger. Maryan Mursal is often described as “the Nina Simone of Somali Music,” and she’s got an energy to match. I shot a mini-doc about her time here in Minneapolis, where there are more Somali residents than any place other than Somalia. They were hyped she was here. So grateful to be able to work alongside Greenroom on such a transformative piece. How’s that for a lead-up?

Skills: Concept / Direct / Film / Edit

Greenroom Sessions 003

DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip at the Triple Rock in Minneapolis Minnesota

A quickie for the homies. I’m extremely interested in the potential of short video content for artists, music publications, and venues. This kind of thing is more accessible than ever, but I think the music industry is still wrestling with what that means to them. For this, we stuck to 15 seconds for an Instagram promo.

Skills: Film / Edit