45NRTH Projects

Ride Duluth

Riding off the success of last year’s “Ride Groomed,” we headed to Duluth. Early a.m. call times, long days in negative degree weather, and lots of location changes made the positive response on launch day all the more rewarding.

Skills: Concept / Direct / Film / Edit / Animate

Three Steps Forward

Winter cycling boot Wolvhammer sits against a black background in a block of ice

Three new boots, three big ass blocks of ice. I mean, huge. This one was tricky. I wanted there to be a true reveal, which meant the ice had to melt top-down. But ice doesn’t really care about what you want (I learned that from watching just about every amateur timelapse of ice melting on YouTube). How we got there is a secret, because we worked too damn hard to just give up the goods.

Skills: Film / Edit

Ride Groomed

Rider Evan speeds towards camera on fatbike at Grand Targhee, WY

A trip from Salt Lake City → Grand Targhee, ID → Jackson Hole, WY. Amazing luck with the weather, a hot tub wrestling match (don’t ask), too many drinks at the cowboy bar, a few trips on the back of a snowmobile later, and we’ve got “Ride Groomed.” With over 100k+ views across all platforms, this was a huge win for the brand and for fatbiking in general.

Skills: Concept / Direct / Film / Edit